Special Operations Seminar Prepares Veterans for Careers after Active Duty

Special Operations Forces (SOF) are the most elite units of the military, and according to the SOF for Life Survey, they aren’t getting the support they need to transition to meaningful employment after their military service ends.

This survey was developed by the Global SOF Foundation, a non-profit professional association for SOF around the world, and The Honor Foundation, which provides veterans with a 12-week transition course, graduates of which have a 99% job placement rate into Fortune 500 companies. The survey was opened in Aug. 2016 and has over 550 responses from SOF and SOF support personnel who have already transitioned from Active Duty, whether through retirement or separation.

While the survey results report gaps in physical well-being, mental health, and medical benefits for respondents, the SOF for Life program was developed to focus on the career and financial preparation gaps. The program is supported by both the Global SOF Foundation and The Honor Foundation, as well as AAFMAA–which provides participants with wealth management support.

Click here to watch a video about the mission of The Honor Foundation.

The SOF for Life Seminar on Feb. 19th is a one-day teaser for the full course provided by The Honor Foundation, and it’s open to SOF or SOF support from any nation, provided they are within two years of their date of separation from active duty (whether before or after). The Seminar is also open to participants’ spouses, as the information provided is valuable for both.

Global SOF Foundation President Stu Bradin, himself a retired Army Special Forces Colonel who went through the military’s transition process, continuously preaches the lack of preparation most members of the SOF community have for life after they leave the military. “They expect someone to come up to them and start offering them a paycheck. They aren’t prepared to find and keep meaningful employment after they leave the military.”

The Seminar takes place on the first day of the 2018 Global SOF Symposium – US, which is hosted by the Global SOF Foundation annually at Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort in Palm Harbor, Fla. This year’s event will kick off on President’s Day, Feb. 19, with the SOF for Life Seminar, the Global SOF Golf Tournament, and a welcome reception. A packed agenda of Symposium events will follow from Feb. 20 to 21, and will include engaging speaking events and an abundance of networking opportunities.

The SOF for Life Seminar costs $30 per participant, although attendees are welcome to stay for the entire Symposium for a total cost of $100. Register for the Seminar at https://www.globalsofsymposium.org/us/Attend/Register.

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SkillBridge: An Opportunity for Interns and Transition Training

By Stu Bradin, GSF President

Please give me five minutes of your time to provide you with something I think might help you. If you are a GSF Corporate Partner or an Individual Member you should learn more about the Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge initiative.

The DoD SkillBridge initiative promotes the civilian job training authority available for transitioning military Service members. Service members meeting certain qualifications can participate in civilian job and employment training, including apprenticeships and internships. DoD SkillBridge training opportunities are available for transitioning Service members. A Service member must have completed at least 180 days on active duty and be expected to be discharged or released from active duty within 180 days of starting their job training. Moreover, Service members must receive approval to participate, and the training opportunity must meet certain conditions.

The military Services will allow eligible Service members to participate in industry training instead of performing military duties during the closing months of their careers.

Industry training providers will offer training at little or no cost to eligible Service members on or near the installations where they are stationed for the closing months of their military careers.

Many companies and training providers have already set up or are setting up DoD SkillBridge training programs. Companies already participating range from Fortune 500 companies and public utilities, as well as a variety of labor unions and other groups. The programs established by these companies and organizations are helping Service members transition to new civilian careers.

If you are a GSF Corporate Partner this is a great opportunity to have government “interns” working for you prior to separation from the military. If you are a GSF Individual Member, then this is a great opportunity to work for a company that interest you prior to leaving the service and giving you experience that you might not get anywhere else.

The rules for this are laid out on the SkillBridge website at https://dodskillbridge.com/. For the GSF Corporate Partners I know finding quality people is tough and I think the SkillBridge initiative gives you opportunities to reach out early to transitioning military members with an opportunity to intern with your company.

If you are a GSF Individual Member this is something that should be considered. I know the SOF community is at its highest operations tempo level in years so this initiative can really help those that are forced into a compressed transition period.  Service specific requirements apply; however, many companies have the capacity to operate virtually and permission temporary duty is authorized not to exceed 30 days if travel is required.

The SkillBridge initiative is not all things to all people but it is a tool that GSF Partners and Individual Members should at least consider. The key to success with the SkillBridge program is communication between the local command authority, the desired Service member, and with the company provided the training opportunity.

Finding Passion and Purpose in Work when the Mission was your Life

A Successful Transition – Finding passion and purpose in your work when the mission was your life
By Chris Clary
Project Manager, Spirit of America

Any veteran who has been downrange and experienced the thrill of serving abroad knows that our civilian careers will likely never match the level of intensity we experienced in uniform. Our successful transition from military service to the civilian world hinges on finding a fresh sense of passion and purpose in our new lives.

I enlisted in the military to become a Green Beret, to join the brotherhood of an elite group of men devoted to serving their country. I poured everything into making it through the selection and training. When I made it, all I wanted was to fight alongside my brothers to make a difference in the world. Being a Green Beret, serving in combat was more than a job. It was my life. When I returned from my second deployment to Afghanistan in 2012, I was faced with stepping back from what I had committed the last five years of my life to and finding a civilian job. As I looked at transitioning, I had the same question that many soldiers have: What job will ever give me the same sense of purpose I had while wearing the uniform?

I needed a job that gave me the same sense of mission as my life as an operator. Personally, I found my answer when I came across a job posting with Spirit of America.

Spirit of America (SoA) is a groundbreaking nonprofit organization that provides private assistance in support of US missions abroad, providing critical aid where US Government resources can’t be applied. Everything from metal detectors for partner forces to medical supplies and humanitarian assistance for refugees and vulnerable local communities. Shortly after coming onboard with SoA, I was back in Afghanistan alongside some of the same men and women I had previously deployed with, focused on a new mission: supporting the safety and success of US personnel and helping build security and stability in some of the world’s toughest places.

Chris during his time in service in Afghanistan, then continuing to support the mission by providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable refugees in northern Iraq.

Two years into my tenure with SoA, I was called up for what would be my third and final time to deploy to Afghanistan. This experience reinforced my need for a mission-driven civilian career. It was a hard deployment, which only complicated the emotions I felt about getting out. But, when we returned from the deployment in 2016, I knew it was time for me to make the full transition out of the military.

I also knew enough about myself to understand I couldn’t successfully transition alone. The field team at Spirit of America, comprised entirely of combat veterans, were exactly the kind of people I needed to be around. We all come from a similar set of experiences and have benefited from finding a fresh sense of purpose in the mission of Spirit of America.

Three of my colleagues also come from the SOF community, and they understand the need to continue to serve a greater purpose. Nicolette Doliva is a former active duty sailor and Spirit of America’s South America project manager. She has deployed around the world, including trips to East Africa, Spain and most recently Afghanistan as a Cultural Support Team member in support of Naval Special Warfare’s Cultural Engagement Unit. Her passion to engage with and understand cultures outside the borders of America made Spirit of America a natural fit when she left active duty.

Gabe LaMois, a former Special Forces officer, set out to become a Green Beret following the attacks of 9/11. After nearly a decade of service and multiple deployments to the Middle East and Southwest Asia, Gabe made the difficult transition to civilian life and joined the team at Spirit of America.  Managing projects in the Middle East and North Africa has given him the opportunity to continue his mission in a part of the world he is passionate about and to assist the US effort to defeat ISIS by supporting many of the local forces he trained and fought alongside in uniform.

Chris VanJohnson joined the Spirit of America team after completing multiple deployments to South Asia as a SOF officer. His passion to better understand the world drove him to pursue his master’s degree in International Affairs and Development from the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs. He now manages projects in Africa countering Boko Haram and other extremist organizations, working alongside SOF personnel seeking to prevent war in some of the most fragile communities in the world.

We all had a strong desire to continue to serve, which was a driving factor in our job selection. To that end, we were all impassioned to leverage our unique set of skills as we made the journey to the civilian sector.

As veterans, we have experienced one of the greatest senses of purpose through service to our nation. When we transition to a civilian life, the loss of that sense of purpose can be one of the most challenging barriers to overcome. My personal transition has not been an easy one, but it has been far smoother than I ever thought possible due to the continued sense of mission and the camaraderie I have found at Spirit of America.


If you are approaching, or already went through, your transition and are in need of support, please look at SOF for Life for job opportunities, transition seminars, and other means of financial and career path support:

Big Jobs for our SOF…for Life

“Big jobs usually go to those who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” – Theodore Roosevelt

We know that SOF are elite, and they have truly “big” jobs while they serve.  At the GSF, we strive to ensure that they transition into big jobs after their military service.   We do this in a few ways through our SOF for Life program.

First off, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just added a Jobs section to our website. If you look at the tab above that says “Members,” you’ll see a “Job Postings” option.  This is where we list open jobs from our Corporate Partners.  At the GSF, we only partner with the best of the best, so these are high-quality positions from top-notch companies.  And these companies want to hire SOF veterans.

The second way the SOF for Life program helps employ SOF is through our resume database.  Here we collect the resumes of vetted SOF and store them in an easy to navigate database that is only accessible by our Corporate Partners.  Those companies can search that catalog of SOF individuals to find suitable candidates for their job openings.

A third employment-focused element of SOF for Life is a transition program, which is run by The Honor Foundation.  This course is unmatched for transitioningSOF, with a 100% job placement record…into Fortune 500 companies.

In order to keep this program growing, thriving, and meeting the needs of our force, we’re conducting a SOF for Life Survey.  If you haven’t taken the time to take this survey, to help the past, current and future members of SOF, then you don’t truly care about our SOF community.

Take the Survey here.

We’re offering a one-day seminar where you can learn more about SOF for Life at the 2017 Global SOF Symposium in Innisbrook.  If you’d like to learn more, we highly recommend that you register for this free seminar.