Big Jobs for our SOF…for Life

“Big jobs usually go to those who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” – Theodore Roosevelt

We know that SOF are elite, and they have truly “big” jobs while they serve.  At the GSF, we strive to ensure that they transition into big jobs after their military service.   We do this in a few ways through our SOF for Life program.

First off, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just added a Jobs section to our website. If you look at the tab above that says “Members,” you’ll see a “Job Postings” option.  This is where we list open jobs from our Corporate Partners.  At the GSF, we only partner with the best of the best, so these are high-quality positions from top-notch companies.  And these companies want to hire SOF veterans.

The second way the SOF for Life program helps employ SOF is through our resume database.  Here we collect the resumes of vetted SOF and store them in an easy to navigate database that is only accessible by our Corporate Partners.  Those companies can search that catalog of SOF individuals to find suitable candidates for their job openings.

A third employment-focused element of SOF for Life is a transition program, which is run by The Honor Foundation.  This course is unmatched for transitioningSOF, with a 100% job placement record…into Fortune 500 companies.

In order to keep this program growing, thriving, and meeting the needs of our force, we’re conducting a SOF for Life Survey.  If you haven’t taken the time to take this survey, to help the past, current and future members of SOF, then you don’t truly care about our SOF community.

Take the Survey here.

We’re offering a one-day seminar where you can learn more about SOF for Life at the 2017 Global SOF Symposium in Innisbrook.  If you’d like to learn more, we highly recommend that you register for this free seminar.

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